Jiaren Living | Come across a Coffee Shop

Jiaren Living | Come across a Coffee Shop

A coffee shop can be relaxing, aesthetic, romantic and peaceful. In Silicon Valley, it can also be the birthplace of a startup company. Many entrepreneurs here in Silicon Valley agree that “you may change the world over a cup of coffee”. Then, where shall we start this cup of coffee?


I would like to choose Sue’s Gallery Café, and I call it “come-across” cafe, because I unintentionally came across this café some day, and fell in love with the coffee here ever since. My love to the coffee here leads to the story between Jiaren Living and Sue’s Gallery Café.


It is a fortune to have a come-across moment in life, and certainly if in a coffee shop. So let’s take a look at our fun experience at Sue’s Gallery Café that day!

First and foremost, here is our man JJ, the owner of Sue’s Gallery Café, and a very nice and kind person. If you are a coffee lover, I bet you would have endless talk with him.


Next, here comes the Sue’s Gallery Café! No superfluous shop sign, but just a small one. I like its low-key style, probably because of the story behind it!
Then, here are the beautiful potteries, every single one of which comes from the hand of JJ’s wife. These decorations are priceless in JJ’s eyes.
We had a great time at Sue’s Gallery Café. JJ taught us many things about making coffee. “A good cup of coffee is more than just fresh coffee beans, but also the combination of proper coffee-to-water ratio, water temperature, and great coffee filter.”
During the event, JJ also told us a little secret tip. If you are a coffee making newbie, using a pour-over coffee maker would be more helpful, because most of the pour-over kits contain water steadying filter, so that it helps the water flow consistently. One of the most important factor of a good cup of coffee is being uniform, so the uniform flow of water is crucial. This makes a pour-over pot the best option. For all the newbies out there, now you know this!
During the event, many coffee lovers had a chance to taste some coffee made by JJ. It was absolutely so much more than good. We definitely recommend coffee lovers to go there and try.
At last it is our event group photo! Thank you all who have been supporting Jiaren Living. See you all next time!
Digest: a cup of coffee is not just about the taste, but also about joy. Sue’s Gallery Café brings you great coffee, as well as the beauty of the come-across moments in life.
Sponsor: Sue’s Gallery Café