Jiaren Living Review | The perfect match you must know

Jiaren Living Review | The perfect match you must know

French microbiologist and chemist Louis Pasteur once said: “wine is the healthiest and healthiest alcoholic beverage in the world.” I think this is why there is always wine in the western food culture. When people talk about wine, the first thing comes to the mind must be France, which is also called the country of wine. French even describe wine and food as “the combination of life”.
Last week we invited Miggi to interpret the “combination of life”. Miggi once mentioned that wise match of wine and food will bring us a sense of beauty.
Guest speaker Miggi with her book
When Miggi shared her experience, she analyzed the benefit of pairing wine with gourmet. Generally, it can be reflected in three ways:
• Pairing wine with gourmet can complement each other’s delicacies
• Wines can be used to bring out the intrinsic taste of dishes
• The dishes can also be used to bring out the mellow taste of wines
These are also the charm of wine. Wine is not simply a drink, but also a media that helps us to discover the beauty. Matching wines with gourmet cleverly will definitely bring us a lot of surprises!


Miggi told us that this perfect match skill requires us to understand the rules and elements between wines and food first. We need to balance the taste as much as possible without letting one taste become too strong. In order to realize this rule, we need to pay more attentions on the following elements:

1. The taste of wine and food need to be matched.

2. Match sweet wine with sweet food.

3. Match acidic food with wines with high acidity

4. While drinking high tannin or wine with more astringent taste, avoid matching it with salty or oily food


After discussing several concepts, Miggi summarized few match for us to used while ordering meals:

Champagne with caviar

Pinot Noir with salmon

Sangiovese with tomato sauce

Cabernet Sauvignon with steak


For those who didn’t make it to this event, don’t you have a sense of regret? In fact, this is only a small part of Miggi’s sharing. If you want to learn more, check out Miggi’s official website! And we also hope Miggi will achieve better goal in the future. We really appreciate her sharing and look forward to the next one.
Miggi with Jiaren beauty
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