Want to be part of a student leadership team? Why not become the Founder and Chief Student Leader of one?

shangJiaren Campus is a student leadership program enabling capable and ambitious student-leader-to-be to practice and obtain real leadership experiences on campus. While Jiaren Campus Student Leaders manage their own community in school, Jiaren Family provides a variety of events, resources, connections and even advisory supports to keep the community active and thrive. As inaugural batches of Jiaren Campus Leaders, you will be honored with the glory of founding a unique organization for your university.

Jiaren Campus is focusing on connecting, inspiring and educating the next generation of student leaders. Jiaren Family will provide all the resources, experiences, training materials and even Jiaren services and products for Jiaren Campus Leaders to learn and grow their own community in most efficient and professional way. Jiaren Campus Leaders can also utilize Jiaren Family’s strong network with both local and international business to diversify and empower the community.

Jiaren Campus Referral


Jiaren Campus Referral program is a beneficiary program for our campus leaders.

Silicon Valley Jiaren Association is currently partner up with more than 50 local companies that focus on different field. We have a variety opening regarding different positions in business, art, communication and computer science field.



  • Build your campus network, and beyond
  • Gain leadership skills by organizing themed events
  • Connect with alumni
  • Connect with local businesses
  • Gain real world experience on variety topics

Want Become a Jiaren Campus Leader?

amb_progWe are looking for:

  • Passionate self starter
  • Who has strong campus connection
  • Social media person
  • Who just want to have fun and enjoy campus life!

Send us an email to campus@jiarenfamily.com , share with us your story and plan for your campus!



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