JRFC’s mission

JRFC aims to help Female Entrepreneurs run the world together via overcoming cultural barriers, industry limitations, and gender inequality. We dedicate to help each female entrepreneur superstar to live her story to the fullest and to explore her potential to the deepest.

JRFC’s About us

JRFC is an invitation-only social club designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs. However, we are not only a social network, but we are also your private PR concierge. We aim to connect, inspire and educate women founders from global landscape through our various local community program, our cross-border network and our customized PR solution. By reaching horizontally across industries and countries through our network, businesswomen will build critical mass and wield more influence more than ever.

JRFC’s membership

Our current membership fee is $365 per year.  To join the club, you must be nominated by a current member. One current member is limited to appoint two new members in their lifetime. Once you submit the application, the committee will be notified of approval for the membership.