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Jaden Zhao

Jaden Zhao

When we just started Jiaren Family as side project in the October of 2015, we did not know how far it can go, but just believed in its meaning and hold on to it. Now we have come through a long way with thousands of followers as supporters and contributors, providing great content and inspirational stories every single day. Everyday our work is inspired by the fact that we get to be the change we want to see in the world.
Rebecca Wang
Vice President

Rebecca Wang

Sharing, Growing and Self-mining are the three key words in my mind when I first established the Jiaren Family. I love the way that young professional girls gathering together, being open to share their thoughts and always willing to help each other. Charity can not only be seen from helping poor, but also can be found when making the beautiful world even better.

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Jiaren Family is community group that hosted by Silicon Valley Jiaren Association (SVJRA). SVJRA is a nonprofit organization that was founded in October 2015 with the vision to improve women’s leadership.


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Do you want to get involved in Jiarenfamily? We are opening variable internship opportunities for college students who are looking for real world experience and skill improvement in return for college class credit.