Third-generation Winemaker: Xinyue Zhang’s Wine World

Third-generation Winemaker: Xinyue Zhang’s Wine World

There is no doubt that greater power is lying low in her body. She will absolutely reach a new stage once it outbreaks.

“Small body with big energy” best describes winemaker Xinyue. It is unbelievable to think of a girl with such a small body could create her own 70s love at first sight in any case. There is a big dream in her body: creating a red wine that Chinese people love.   


Xinyue Zhang

Being a winemaker is always Xinyue’s dream since she was a little girl. That table in her memory carries efforts of three generations and her dream. After graduated from UC Davis, Xinyue accidently found her favorite grape variety and the best land for this species of grape to grow. There is no way Xinyue would give up this land. So she purchased that land to brew her own wine.

A rare breed with unique planting environment instantly increased the cost. But Xinyue decided to keep oak barrel fermentation due to the consideration of taste and quality. It is said that the cost of each oak barrels will be $ 1200, and each oak can only brew up to 40 bottles of red wine. In order to maintain the fruit flavor and freshness, red wine also needs to be done the secondary precipitation. The order of precipitation and time is the decisive factor to ensure the taste, during which there is also a great risk, once a few mistakes appeared, an oak barrel of dry wine is completely destroyed. Been given care by Xinyue for 16months, a batch of dry red wine will appear on the market in this coming November.    


70s love

The 70s love unique pink wine, can be said for the specialty of Chinese people. Both taste and color meet the girlishness, but also meet people’s desire for red wine. Although 70s love is not like the aging dry wine which has mellow taste, its refreshing taste really makes it a summer drink. It will definitely become the best choice for those who loves refreshing taste.


The name “70s love”, derived from a story of Xinyue’s family. Her grandfather is the first batch of winemakers in China. He helped China to introduce the first suitable grape variety for winemaking, and helped to make the first bottle of red wine for China – Beidaihe Red Wine, which won the Golden and Silver Award at the World Wine Tasting Event.

As a winemaker, Xinyue believes that she should not only introduce her own wine, but also help the public to know the wine, and let the wine becomes one of the normal things in a home rather than a symbol of identity. At the scene, attendees learned lots of lots of professional knowledge of red wine and the differences among red wines.


having a wine discussion

Xinyue wishes to turn wine into a medium of introducing Chinese culture to the world, and a medium used to change the current situation that wine market only concerned about the taste of Europe and the US. She works so hard to find the favor Chinese people love and actually brew a wine for Chinese. Her little dream is people will be familiar with her wine, her brand, and the meaning behind her brand in the near future.


70s love

In the family’s aura, Xinyue is often be questioned that her achievements come from her background instead of her own works. She never argued through words but through actions. She took care of the whole vineyard, brewed a number of wines, and established her own brand. There is no doubt that bigger power is lying low in her body. She will absolutely reach a new stage once it outbreaks.


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